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Whispering Meadows Alpaca Breeders

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70% Alpaca Crew Socks/Light Weight

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Product Specs

  • Light weight yet warm
  • 70% Baby Alpaca, 25% Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • Cute yet elegant and functional
  • Great for dress shoes, causal shoes, and everyday use
  • Machine Washable!

Product Description

These fun crew socks will be the talk of the party, as they are cute, yet functional. Finally, the best of both worlds lightweight, warm and adorable that can be used as a dress sock or casual everyday sock. Perfect treat for yourself or whimsical gift for friends and family of all ages.

Contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil (an emollient that soothes skin)
Aloe Vera Properties: comprehensive medicinal (natural nutrients), anti-microbial, non binding, anti-inflammatory, agent of growth of the tissues with healing effects.

Small/Medium women 5-9 men 7-8.5
Large/XLarge women 9.5-10.5 men 9-14

Machine wash cold

Why Alpaca?
Alpaca is a lightweight, natural fiber that breathes
Superior in strength, warmth and its luxurious softness
Moisture wicking keeping you dry & comfortable
Smooth fiber without lanolin removes the itchiness and allergic reaction
Water resistant
Resilient- your cherished alpaca apparel can last for many years
Naturally wind resistant
Odor resistant, even in sock!
Excellent breathability
Low static
Fire resistant, will not melt
100% natural luxurious fiber that’s ECO friendly
Comfortable and versatile to wear

We sell on multiple platforms and in our shop, so our online inventory is limited. Feel free to reach out regarding additional colors, styles and products that may be available.
Thank you for your interest in Whispering Meadows Alpaca Breeders. A small family owned and operated alpaca farm located in Maryland!

No alpacas were harmed for this process.
Alpacas and llamas are in the same Camelid Family and both originate from South America